Hängen™ Wall Planter

Elegant, simple, unobtrusive, and made with high quality, BPA free, durable modern materials.


Plants love to be watered from the roots; Hängen Wall Planter makes it easy to add water with a concealed yet accessible water port.  A single attach point makes it as easy as mounting a picture to get some green on the walls.  A unique ball and cord system quickly  mounts and releases the planter, so tending can be done at a table or other comfortable workspace.  A versatile, aesthetic, wall hanging, sub-irrigation planter.


Removable sub-irrigation insert for drainage and wicking.

Completely water proof outer housing wont leak, drip or mold.


Quality die-cast aluminum, mounting hardware

Marine-grade braided mounting cable, hangs from a single point.

Quick release cable mount makes service easy.

100% recyclable unbleached kraft paper packaging

Ideally sized for two 4" nursery plants. (8" length, 4" width, 4" depth)


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